3 Website Strategies for Beginners

These 3 website strategies for beginners are just the tip of the iceberg… There are literally hundreds of others out there but I’m limiting the choices to just the basics for beginners and only focusing on three relatively easy website strategies. What are your website goals and objectives? Consider this a friendly warning… Before you [...]

Is Link Building Dead?

Yes – link building is dead! How’s that for getting straight to the point! Let’s start by answering the question that brought you here, “Is link building dead?” Yes – I believe link building is dead and so do a lot of other SEOs… But let me qualify this…only if you are 100% dependent on [...]

SEO Changes Keep Coming (Nowhere to Run)

Don’t Fret when SEO Changes Keep Coming… As I predicted a while back in my last post 3 SEO Predictions, the ground has already started buckling. Google posted higher than expected profits, which I think is BS, because they knew all the changes would cause a windfall in advertising. Any business out there that relies on search [...]

3 SEO Predictions: Consolidation Is Coming…

SEO Predictions

While all the SEOs are buzzing around blogging and talking about Google updates, content marketing and social networking, I predict other big SEO changes are coming… SEO Predictions for 2013 and beyond… This article is a high level of the future I predict (or already see) coming too most SEO businesses and bloggers (follow up [...]

The Evolution of SEO

Like so many others, I dreamed of having a popular blog that makes thousands of dollars in affiliate revenue selling software tools and books on how to blog like a pro and do smart affiliate marketing… … but the evolution of SEO  has changed things since 2006 – 2008 when most of today’s A&B list [...]

Best Promo Code for Godaddy 2013

best promo code godaddy 2013

Over the years I’ve save a few bucks on my domain and hosting purchases by searching out the best promo codes for Godaddy and using it when checking out. Finding a Promo Code for Godaddy The promo codes change so it never the same one so each time you purchase a new domain or Godaddy product you [...]

Search Engine Placement Optimization

Search Engine Placement Optimization

About this Web Traffic Test As a test for my Traffic Travis vs Market Samurai comparison, I decided to choose the keyword phrase “Search Engine Placement Optimization” with medium SERPs, 2140000 and relatively difficult competition. As you can see from the screenshot about all the red indicates the exact phrase is not what is being [...]

Traffic Travis vs Market Samurai (Free Software Review)

Traffic Travis Start Screen

Why I Bought Market Samurai I bought Market Samurai last year after reading Pat Flynn’s post then about 6 months later Pat was less than positive because MS had lost some of its BEST Keywords research features that leverage Google’s search API. Market Samurai developers have updated the software, but now it uses Bing’s API instead. [...]